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Ultra-safe Mobile Machines

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Safety valves perform
three important basic functions.
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Hold the load

Safely in position

Control the load

Responsive and precise positioning

Secure the load

Absolute safety

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Aerial work platforms are used for positioning loads in hard-to-reach locations. Workers must be able to stop their load at a certain position and then keep it stationary there over a longer period of time.

Precise work during would be impossible if the boom or the stabiliser cylinders were to continuously sag, and the fitter had to constantly readjust.

Solutions with pilot-operated check valves

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Mobile cranes have to meet stringent and technically complex requirements. Take for example positioning the rotor blades during the assembly of a wind turbine.

Preventing any instability in the load is essential.
One thing is certain:
When lowering a load, the operator must always be able to keep complete control of the machine.

Solutions with load-control valves

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In earthmoving work, the soil is often exposed to extreme and constantly changing operating conditions.

In trench work, for example, the load-securing function prevents the excavator arm from lowering uncontrollably in the event of a hose burst. Due to exposure to sunlight or mechanical damage, hose assemblies have a limited service life and may burst without warning.

The first priority is the
Safety of personnel on the ground and excavator drivers.

Solutions with pipe-rupture valves

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